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Welcome to the BCIT Pride page!

BCIT is made up of diverse people working towards a more inclusive community. We welcome everyone to participate and share their voice.


BCIT Pride Today

BCIT’s Pride committee is committed to ensuring that everyone at BCIT feels they belong and have an equal voice and space. We are currently conducting a washroom audit to ensure that there is accessibility for everyone. BCIT has made it a priority that all new buildings, and those facing renovations, include accessible washrooms for everyone.

The Student group is always looking for people to help grow their voice within the community. They look for support from like minded people, not just the staff that have made it part of their commitment to BCIT to ensure that the support for 2S/LGBTQ+ continues, but individuals who are either part of the community or Allies.

We encourage you to reach out and find out more about the Student group – BCITSA LGBTQ+ Club at and/or the Pride Committee at

BCITSA LGBTQ+ Club on Facebook & Instagram



Please see below for further information and resources.

pride flag with BCIT SA written across it