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The Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant was established to promote the education principles embodied in BCIT’s Learning and Teaching Framework. Twice a year, a committee reviews the grant applications and decides which projects to approve for funding.

If you have any questions about grant applications, please contact Sylvia Gajdics, Faculty Development Co-ordinator, Learning and Teaching Centre.

Committee Contact Information
Sylvia Gajdics
Faculty Development Co-ordinator
Sylvia Gajdics is the Instructional Development Coordinator
Brian Hosier
Management Representative
Brian Hosier headshot smiling with rust-red shirt and short hair.
Rosario Passos
Instructional Development Consultant
Rosario_Passos at
Headshot of Rosario, a female with short brown hair, a grey v-neck sweater and silver necklace
James Rout
Associate Vice President,
Education Support and Innovation
Head shot of James Rout man with glasses, short brown hair, grey suit jacket with navy tie and white shirt