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While studying

As a distance & online learning student, you need this information while your course is in progress:


Generally, guided learning and online courses have an instructor. Important information will be sent by email to you prior to your course start date. Your instructor’s name and contact information is provided, as well as login information if your course is online. Check your myBCIT email account to access this information.

Unless you’re told differently, make contact with your instructor during the first week of the course. Make a note of the day and time when your instructor is available to you each week.

Contact your Program Assistant [PDF] if you have difficulty contacting your instructor.

Completing assignments

The Student Evaluation section of your course outline and/or student guide lists the assignments and exam(s). The weighting of each individual assignment in the overall course final grade is also provided. Make a note of the assignment due dates and check to see if marks are deducted for assignments submitted late. Your instructor may also provide due dates. Students are expected to complete and submit all assignments and write all exams within the specified course duration.

In accordance with the student evaluation policy, assignments not submitted will receive a mark of zero.

Consult your marker, instructor, Program Assistant [PDF], or Program Head (as appropriate) with questions related to assignment schedules for your particular course.

Checking grades

You can check your grades or view your transcript online using myBCIT:

  1. Login to your myBCIT.
  2. Under Student Self-Services in the right-hand menu, select Check Grades.
  3. You can view assignments/quizzes, final grades, your unofficial transcript, and any administrative holds on your account.


Assignments submitted by mail or email may be subject to technical or other problems during delivery over which BCIT has no control. We recommend that you keep a copy for your records when submitting your assignments to the marker or instructor for marking.