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Distance and online courses offer the flexibility many learners need in order to achieve their educational goals while maintaining their work and family commitments. BCIT’s distance and online courses are of the same high quality and carry the same credit value as our in-class course offerings.

Competitive advantage in the job market

In today’s demanding work environments, skills upgrading is a must.

  • Overall, 70% of BCIT distance and online learning students register in courses to upgrade current job-related skills.
  • Almost 90% are looking down the road to accomplish a marketable educational objective (for example, an academic credential such as certificate, diploma, degree, or professional credential). BCIT graduation is a mark of excellence that attracts employers.

Industry uptake

  • Distance and online learning has proven benefits for organized groups of students from industry.
  • Employers can even work with BCIT instructors to have specific courses developed for their industry or firm.

Employer support—In trust and dollars

  • 36% of distance and online learning students report that their employers either fully or partially fund their tuition.
  • almost 20% of students find out about BCIT courses from their employers or co-workers.


Usually, more than half of BCIT’s distance and online learning students live within the greater Vancouver area and have chosen distance learning to reduce travel time and gain flexibility in their schedules.


Of the almost 40 percent of students who are truly distant, many take our courses to benefit from BCIT quality while living in other provinces or countries. BCIT assures that our distance courses provide students with the same education as our campus-based courses through:

  • consistent standards of curriculum planning and development applied to each course as it is designed, constructed and tested.
  • industry and employer representation on the advisory councils, who determine BCIT course and program standards.