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Your timeline as an employer and a co-educator will involve the following:


Develop accurate and informative job descriptions which reflect the duties and responsibilities of the job to be performed.

Setting Learning Objectives and Orientation

  • Establish clear learning objectives with the student and provide an orientation to properly acquaint the student to their new location, organization, duties and learning opportunities.
  • Provide meaningful opportunities, where the student is engaged in productive learning and work.
  • Assume the same responsibilities as those associated with hiring any short term contact employee, including training and fair remuneration for the work performed.

Site Visit

The Co-op Coordinator or the student will contact you to arrange an on-site visit, this will be an opportunity to discuss student responsibilities and performance-to-date as well as discuss progress and review feedback for the remainder of the term. For locations outside of the Lower Mainland, a phone meeting or video conference will likely take place.

Work Term Report

Students will submit a work term report at the end of the term. For this, employer feedback is important and we encourage you to arrange an exit interview to review the student’s performance and discuss plans for subsequent work term employment, if any.

Evaluation Performance

Complete the Employer’s Evaluation of the Student’s Performance on ‘the Bridge’.