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The hiring process is administered through the Centre for Workplace Education. Here is a summary of what to expect if you are wanting to hire a Workplace Education (Co-op) student.

1. Post your job: Please forward a job description to the Co-op Coordinator responsible for your industry and we will post it on ‘the Bridge‘, our job listing site.

2. Receive applications: We will send you the applications of interested students following the end date of the posting.

3. Shortlist and interview: Let us know once you’ve shortlisted your candidates and we would be happy to coordinate the interviews on your behalf. On-campus interviews can also be arranged.

4. Hire a student: Please advise the Coordinator of your hiring choice(s), if any. In your offer, please identify salary, start and end dates and any other conditions of employment. We aim to provide a response within 24 – 48 hours.