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two students in blue lab coats performing diagnostic testing on a yellow automobile in a mechanical shop.

In meeting the needs of business and industry, BCIT offers a broad range of programs to help you meet your need for well-trained entry-level employees.

Workplace education (Co-op) is a three-way partnership between employers, students and the institution. Students are paid for their work experience and are evaluated by the employer and BCIT. BCIT approves work placements to ensure they are suitable and relevant and can also work with you to develop the position.

Our students come from across the province and afar, but have chosen BCIT as their institute of choice. Our students are interested in being considered for employment province-wide and beyond and are willing to relocate. As a benefit to you, many of our Co-op students have previous work experience and some already hold degrees, diplomas, and/or certificates obtained before their time at BCIT.

BCIT’s Co-op programs provide employers with students capable of making an immediate contribution to the goals of the organization. Co-op programs give you an opportunity to meet and work with skilled people who may one day be seeking employment with you.

We are pleased to provide an opportunity for you to work with our highly qualified students. While you evaluate and enlarge their capabilities, they in turn will offer their talents and enthusiasm.