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In order to participate in a Workplace Education (Co-op) program, a student must be currently enrolled in a BCIT diploma/degree program that has a Co-op component.

There are two kinds of Co-op Programs offered at BCIT: Mandatory and Selective/Optional:

  • The Co-op portion of the program is mandatory for graduation and as such all students enrolled in a mandatory program must complete the Co-op course as part of their program.
  • Some of BCIT’s programs offer Co-op as an option to enhance their academic studies. BCIT’s program faculty and Co-op Coordinators select eligible candidates from those that apply for Co-op based on the following:
    • Academic standing
    • Strong desire to gain practical work experience
    • Maturity level
    • Positive work ethic and attitude
    • Interpersonal skills
    • A belief that the student is highly motivated to complete the requirements of the Co-op program
    • Required minimal grade point as per the specific Co-op program’s admissions requirements