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Medical services are available to all BCIT students. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, walk-ins are not allowed and entry is by appointment only. We are still operating virtually unless an in-person visit is medically necessary. Medical masks are still required at all times in the clinics.

Please call to book an appointment or book an appointment online with one of our physicians, or nurses. Please do not simply show up

Top reasons to visit Student Health Services

  • Sexual health (PAP smear, Pregnancy and STI Testing, Birth Control Counselling and Options or Emergency Contraceptives)
  • Mental Health Support (please also see BCIT’s Counselling and Student Development)
  • Injuries and wound care
  • Immunizations (Flu Shots and Routine Vaccinations – excluding travel vaccinations)
  • Procedures (Sutures/Suture Removal, Wart Removal and Ear Flushing)


Health Science students

Please visit Health Science Students page for forms and more information.

If you have completed your immunization review with the BCIT nurses, and require follow-up, please call 604-432-8843. You may also choose to book online by selecting the “Follow-up Nurse Visit (Health Science Students ONLY)” option. If booking online, you will only be able to choose a Thursday or Friday appointment. If you require an appointment for Monday-Wednesday, please call us to book.