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What is Co-op?

Co-operative education integrates work experiences with academic studies, where periods of full-time study alternate with periods of full-time paid positions related to the student’s field of study. By alternating work terms with academic terms, students get the chance to apply their evolving knowledge and skillset at work and bring new expertise into the classroom/lab.

Interested in hiring a co-op student?

  • Students bring with them new ideas and fresh perspectives along with current and applied training.
  • A co-op program offers an opportunity for you to reduce costs in recruitment by functioning as a vetting process for talented and highly motivated students.
  • You get the opportunity to be involved in the educational process and help ensure that our
    program is responsive to industry needs.
  • Our students work on a temporary basis and can help alleviate a temporary vacancy.

How does co-op benefit students?

  • They gain valuable work experience while in school.
  • As co-op is a paid work experience, it helps offset their educational costs.
  • They will gain valuable pre-employment skills such as resume and interview preparation.
  • Acts as an opportunity for students to apply and practice the knowledge they’ve gained, identify professional strengths and weaknesses, explore career options, and network with employers.

How does BCIT benefit?

  • Co-operative education has been shown to increase employment rates of our graduates and is vital in enhancing and building relationships with businesses, government and community organizations.
  • Campus culture is greatly enriched by our students through their engagement with external communities.
  • We benefit from feedback you provide us, as we strive to meet industry demands.